We now have a cottage license, so our breads are available for sale!

All our breads are made with wild leaven and no commercial yeast--wild leavened loaves have flavor, texture, and preservative qualities unlike any yeast-based loaf! 

We use stoneground flours that are produced fresh-to-order by small mills. These millers are passionately dedicated to the quality of their products; they use only the kind of stone mills that preserve the vitality and nutrients so valued in whole grains. The white flours we include are stoneground as well, then are lightly sifted to remove a percentage of the bran. These flours retain the nutrient rich germ, and lend a light sweetness to our crumb. Check out a few of the millers who make the beautiful flour we are some lucky to use: Central MillingGrist and Toll, Camas Country Mill, Community GrainsMaine Grains.

The combination of stoneground, heirloom varieties of grain with long, natural fermentation, makes the magic that is real sourdough! To keep wild microbes happy, we add home-milled Abruzzi Rye berries to each batch. Rye is full of the enzymes that ensure active fermentation and lend an earthy flavor to bread. Many people sensitive to industrial bread can enjoy these crusty, chewy and fragrant loaves without negative digestive and insulin reactions. So, if your tummy hasn't been happy with industrial bread, try a loaf of our wild bread! And, it just tastes so much better! 

We currently make two types of loaves, a 600gr hearth loaf and a 750gr pan loaf. We make each shape in a variety of flours. Try them all until you find a favorite! Wild bread freezes very well, if you are coming from afar, take home an extra loaf!


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