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How it works


As an agri-culinary experiment, our purpose is to explore the possibilities of Backyard Terroir. Along the way, we’re making far more cheese, bread, and other farm-based foods than we can eat. Rather than let any of it go to waste, we’d much rather share some with you! 

Our creamery is not a commercial enterprise, and we can’t sell the dairy we produce. Instead, we’ve created a Share Forward donation program for our cheese, yogurt, and—soon—gelato! If you enroll, we'll make these all available to you for pickup. In trade for our goodies, we ask you to donate to a nonprofit organization of your choice. We suggest $10 to $15 per item.

If you click on any DONATE button on this site, you'll find links to several nonprofit organizations that we support. You can donate there online, or you can donate to another organization of your choice. At our farm, we also have a piggybank if you’d prefer to donate cash at the time of pickup. We’ll pass these proceeds directly on to one of the listed nonprofit organizations we support.



Click here to find the current Share Forward Alert!

Here’s how Share Forward works:

  1. After you fill out the JOIN SHARE FORWARD form, you will receive monthly product-release notice.

  2. In the Share Forward post, we will include a password that lets you enter the store.

  3. Go to the FARM STORE and select what you'd like: Cheese and Yogurt.

  4. When you select you items, and your address, but DO NOT add a credit card, instead, go to you cart and checkout. You will get an email receipt.

  5. Collect your goodies between 10am and 4pm on the designated pickup day.

  6. If you haven't yet, DONATE!

  7. As a safety net, we will have a donation collection bank where you can deposit cash when you come for pickup. We will pass this deposit on to one of the non-profit organizations we support.

Our bread is NOT part of this Share Forward program and is for sale. You can buy/reserve a loaf in the Farm Store and then pay for it at the farm when you come for pick-up! This website isn't set up to collect money.

TaDa! Sharing forward is achieved! 


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Aren't you tempted by all this nice cheese!