Reminder: December 15/16 Share Forward Pick-up!


Don’T Forget, Your orders will be ready for pick-up on:

Saturday, December 15, 10-4pm
Sunday, December 16, 10-4pm

Holiday Special! First Come, First Serve! Our first batch of Vanilla Yogurt Gelato is here!


If we are out of something you want, send me an email. I alway under-stock slightly, just to make sure I don’t boo-boo and over commit.

As always, our cheese, yogurt, bread, jam, eggs and pasta can be reserved online through the store. Here's how:

First, go to the FARM STORE. Your password is “Flower”. 


Second, select your items

  • Add to cart and proceed to checkout

  • Enter your address, but do not enter a credit card.

  • Check out--click Review and Purchase--this will alert us to your order. If you don't complete check out, we won't receive your order. When your order is complete you will receive an email receipt.

  • Email me if you have any trouble.

As part of our program,
you can participate in two ways:

Read about this donation program on the Share Forward page. We suggest a donation of $10 to $15 per item to a nonprofit organization of your choice, or one of ours. When reserving cheese or yogurt, your password to get into the store is Flower.

Our Wild Starter Heirloom Grain Breads cost $10 (Hearth loaf) or $12 (Pan Sandwich loaf) each. We have a cash box on site for bread payments. When buying bread, your password to get into the store is also Flower.

  • WILD STARTER HEIRLOOM GRAIN BREADS We will bake both Hearth and Pan Sandwich loaves Saturday morning. Breads are for purchase, rather than donation.

  • JAM, PASTA, AND DUCK EGGS are for purchase. Jam and Pasta are $12, eggs are $5. You can reserved online and then pay for these item upon pickup.


Now when you order cheese, you will get a reminder that you eating a raw dairy product made in a home dairy and creamery, rather than a licensed facility. Eating raw milk products is a personal choice. I will be posting my personal views, as well as a range of differing views on the subject, in an upcoming Farm Bites article. If you are comfortable eating raw milk cheeses, check the box and proceed to make your order. Please do not share these products outside your family circle.

If you need more information, or have questions, email us at:


Most of you know where we are, but if you need help getting here, click on the MAP button below.



Here’s what's waiting for you in the store!

Hilary Austen