Share Forward 2019


First, a thank you for all your generosity this year! In 2018, we passed along well over $7500.00 to all your favorite charities, and had a delicious time doing so!

Very sadly, I also have to let you know that the powers that be—governmental and the insurance industry—say we must cease and desist the Share Forward program. In California, diary products—especially raw—are under strict laws that make gifting it illegal and invalidate property liability coverage. Who knew? I guess I’m glad I checked.

This has taken a bit of the wind out of my sail. It seems unreasonable to me that other folks can sell automatic weapons and cigarettes, but I can’t give away my mindfully-made cheese. If I was 30 I’d go raise some hell, but I’m 65 and not quite up to that fight. I hope some young cheese-maker somewhere is. I would support them.

We are checking into every possible work-around, and will keep you posted. It may be we can sign up all you cheese lovers for some kind of herd-share agreement, and keep the rest of the products available as is. It will take some investigation over the winter. Fortunately, this season is a downtime here on the the farm. All our ladies are pregnant, and are patiently ruminating as they wait for their time to kid. What will I do with all that beautiful milk?

Keep your fingers crossed and send good thoughts our way!


Hilary Austen